To achieve perfect finishes – proper nozzle care

Modern spray guns are high precision tools. If they are properly maintained, SATA spray guns achieve outstanding finishes over the years. The nozzle set requires special care. Even small damages like scratches or paint residues in the material passages may negatively affect the spray pattern.

Please observe the following tips and you will enjoy perfect performance from your spray gun for many years:
1. Please make sure that the paint needle is always removed first when disassembling the nozzle set and installed last when mounting it.

2. When disassembling and reassembling the fluid tip, please make sure that the tool does not damage the nozzle or scratch over it. It is sufficient to hand-tighten it (14 Nm). A higher torque may damage the sealing and the air distribution ring. If the fluid tip, however, has not been sufficiently tightened, it might leak. Air may penetrate the material passages causing bubbles in the cup.

3. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents and no pointed, sharp or rough tools. Persistent dirt can be removed with special cleaning brushes as well as special needles to clean the horn drillings.
4. After each cleaning process, the spray gun must be thoroughly rinsed with clean cleaning agent and be thoroughly blow dried afterwards – inside and outside to avoid corrosion. Digital spray guns must never be soaked in cleaning agent or left in spray gun washing machines over night.
5. To ensure proper function of the spray gun, we recommend lubricating all movable components when re-assembling the spray gun. Please use the special spray gun grease (SATA Art. No. 48173) which is silicone- and acid-free.

6. The new practical air cap protectors protect the air cap from any damage whilst the spray gun is not in use. By the way, since the beginning of this year, all modern SATA spray guns are supplied with such a protector.

Art. No. - description:
165506 air cap protector (5x) for SATAjet 3000
165514 air cap protector (5x) for SATAjet 4000, jet 100 and jet 1000
165522 air cap protector (5x) for SATAminijet 3000 


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