Because we know the importance of training courses in our field, we make excessive training courses program each year. We include almost all our customers in our program to be able to enhance their skills and increase their knowledge. We Fahmy Group Car Refinishes Unit believe that the most essential part in our Training program is building long-term relationships with our customers. Thus, we are always Keen on building friendly relationships with all the attendees regardless their position or titles, whether Body shop Managers, Engineers or even Technicians.  And this is exactly the vision of each and every member in Fahmy Group, 

“We are not just a supplier, We Are Partners in Success.”

How we achieve this?

A)    We provide more than 18 Training Courses annually.
B)    A Professional & expert team train attendees.
C)    We provide trainings that cover the most important topics in the car Refinishes World.
D)    Trainings are provided in a highly equipped training center.
E)    All our courses have both theoretical & practical activities.


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